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Providing leading industry expertise in Live & Studio Audio-Visual Production

Combining Imagination with Experience

Here at Hackney Rhythm we value every artists and corporate clients' creative vision, and strive to bring it to life with our unique and innovative approach to Sound & Video Production. 

We have a dedicated studio space and facilitate 360° music production including sessions musicians, recording, mixing/mastering engineering, sound design and audio/video post-production.

We also provide on-site and online production, streaming services including webcasting and video-conferencing as well as any technical support required - making your vision a reality.


Musician on Stage
Guitar Player
Blues Band

Amazing company, amazing platform for musicians and other performer.

Andy McCredie - Art Director

Partnerships & Productions

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Contact Us

Hackney Rhythm 
Studio 7
90 Wallis Road
E9 5LN - London
+44 7946 163 733


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