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Vaporgaze yourself with the first EP by La Houle!

John Lennon said once : « French rock is like English wine ». Well... He might be right about the quality of Uk's vineyard but - hopefuly - some french bands are here to prove he was wrong!

La Houle is the new exciting musical project by Geoffrey Papin and Simon Sockeel both native from France and based now in London. Heavily influenced by 80's shoegaze and noise pop, La Houle is offering a new listening to those genres by adding some complex cold wave's french lyrics. Joined by Clémentine Blue (Tiger Lion) and John Davies (Traams/Theo Verney) in live, the band has been gaining presence and followers in London by playing recently at the New Cross Inn, The Victoria and the Old Queens Head. They are also supported by the infamous underground french label La Souterraine.

The band released his first EP « EP01 » on the 22th of March this year on their digital label L'Aurore. The 4-tracked EP (+ an intro) is delivering atmospheric post rock elements with a Cocteau Twins vibe and Serge Gainsbourgian's vocals.

Starting with The Seers, a pop-rock back and fourth duo with Clémentine Blue, it follows with La Houle and its catchy back-vocals reminding us Death in Vegas's song Girls. Souvenirs is a dream pop track with lyrics about memories, the album ended with Couleurs: a shoegazy balade in a pure Slowdive's style.

You can find "EP01" on Bandcamp, Spotify and Deezer. You can also follow La Houle on their FB page.

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