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Time to give up on you Remix Contest

After the great success on our first remix contest, we were captivated by the amount of talented artists we discovered, such as Kramenad, Satoshy, ÜNAM, Ohno da French, Sunset Sunrise or End Game. It was so exciting to listen to such a diverse approach to the same root sounds, we found ourselves thrilled every time we had a new remix submission in our inbox. That is why we would love to repeat that amazing experience under the same basis.

We'd love to listen to all your ideas. We don't mind if it's a rough mix or the final master.

We are interested on your approach to the song and composition.

We offer free Release and Distribution on Hackney Rhythm.

Social support on Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitter.

Free Mastering.

Here the Google Drive link to the stems >>

Please send your remix to

We will carefully listen to all of them and choose our favourites by the 10th of November, to prepare a very special release.

All genres accepted. Open world-wide.


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