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An interview with Pete Kosanovich

We've interviewed musician and and songwriter Pete Kosanovich. We chat about his influences, the impact our social climate has on his music and what the future holds. With regards to the short term future, he will be playing a thunderous 30 minutes set at our launch party this Saturday.

How did you start the band? What influences you?

I started the band because of my love for the blues and 60's psyche rock. Me and Alfredo (bass player) were chatting and I saw him play with another friend's band and I asked him to join - Theo the drummer joined after.

Music has always been littered with social and political content, especially within rock'n' roll. Do you think this has effected your songwriting?

Yes politics is definitely an influence, and whats happening in the world - If you listen to a track of mine 'For Young And Old' from my first album, there's definitely a political side of me in that song.

For anyone that is completely new to your work, what have you released?

I've released 2 Albums. One all me and one with the band, and I have now relased a new single, 'I Wanna Be Your Lover Babe'.

What does the future hold? Would you say that your the type of band who are looking to get on the industry treadmill? Or do you want to take a different approach and do things your own way?

We are a band that are constantly moving forward and we like to do things ourselves mainly. We are playing at Bestival in the summer & have a new album in the pipe line so stay tuned for that!

You can follow Pete Kosanovich on Facebook or via his Website and Bandcamp.

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