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Tiger Lion's new single "Prayers Against the Sun" is out!

Clémentine Blue's project Tiger Lion is back this year with a new single "Prayers Against The Sun" and a new EP coming in April.

The clip, set in Gambia, samples pieces of this african country's lifestyle from living by the beach to ritual dancing to just chilling and having cofee in a back garden. In an interview with The 405, The artist expained that her song was about the suffering of living in London, praying for a sun that never comes (a real and a metaphorical one). The cold lyrics ("I feel empty..") in opposition to Gambia's sunny and joyful footages is a good example of londoners heavy thoughts about their city : that they could seek for a better place (Gambia here), but they rather stay instead for some reasons. Tiger Lion 's EP Beyond The Mountains is out April 6th on the label L'Aurore with a limited edition visual book. The realease party is set on April 9th at London's Servant Jazz Quarters (tickets here). Follow Tiger Lion on social media : Facebook, Twitter.

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