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Dos Pasos (Satoshy Remix)

A month ago we invited all artists/music producers to remix The Orbalist's single Dos Pasos, an initiative to embrace collaboration as a tool to enhance talent. The prize offered was to include the selected remixes in a special Dos Pasos Maxi-Single release. We have received a fair amount of remixes and took us some time to listen to all of them. We never thought it would be that tough to select the right tracks for this maxi-single and we are massively thankful to all of the talented artists that submited their remix.

During the next days we are going to present every remix, in the order the track was received, with a little introduction to the artist. This will lead us to the official release of the Maxi-Single and The Orbalist first album "Is this real life?".

Today we are listening to Satoshy's remix.

The italian producer is well-known for his live improvisation behind the MPC but also on the mic. Fat beats and thick atmospheres have made his music to be considered as an up & coming genre within the underground Hip Hop scene in London.

Satoshy is the "not that visible" face behind Dos Pasos' featured artist AMP Medley (Absent Minded Poetics). The musical brain responsible of bangers such as "Reflections" and "Live by the pen" is currently polishing the last bits of their first album together "Mosaics", one of our most anticipated releases for this year.

Hope you like it and don't forget to share!


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